7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Nanny

I’ve been a nanny my entire adult life. It was my first summer job at age 13, and I now do it full time at age 20 and am absolutely head over heels for everything about this profession! So here’s a few specific reasons as to why I love what I do.

1. The Kids

I have always loved kids, and maternal instincts have always been second nature, so being able to work with and care for kids that I love as my own is truly a blessing. Getting to watch them grow, hit major milestones, and learn new things every single day makes my heart so happy! My kids are cute and totally Instagram worthy in just about everything they do; from the best days to the hard days, I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

2. The Family

I’ve nannied for many years now, and have been with several different families and honestly, I have yet to find a family I haven’t just fallen in love with! I have been fortunate enough to find incredible, supportive, loving families of all shapes and sizes. Some have become some very close friends even after we have parted ways, and many have offered valuable life advice that I still carry with me today. I appreciate every one of my nanny families!

3. Lessons Learned

I began working as a nanny at a really young age. I was a summer nanny to four kids and I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing (who let me be in charge of their four kids anyway)! Luckily, I learned fast, but every day I still learn new things. From handling sibling disputes, to teaching techniques, to just learning how each child deals with day to day life, every day is a learning opportunity in the life of a nanny!

4. Positivity

One thing I can always count on when I walk through the door, no matter how crummy my week has been, is my kids running to me excitedly exclaiming “Miss Allie” and being genuinely happy to see me. This fact alone never ceases to brighten my day. I love that fact that kids are genuine, and will tell you how they feel about everything, but mostly how excited they are about everything. I mean everything. They are just as excited to tell me big news, like telling me about the gender of their new sibling, as they are to tell me about the little things, such as completing an art project and I truly love and feed of their excitement and positivity!

5. It’s Just So Much Fun

All day, every day, I get to play with play dough and jump on trampolines. In what world doesn’t that make up the best job ever?!? Yes my job comes with monstrous responsibility. I am responsible for the care and wellbeing of multiple tiny humans every day. I have stepped in on many potentially dangerous situations. But being responsible doesn’t mean we can’t have a blast! It just means we have a blast and a supply of cartoon band aid for any minor cuts, scrapes, or “invisible” injuries.

6. Flexible Schedule

Now I know many nanny positions don’t offer a schedule as flexible as mine, but I am extremely fortunate to have found a family with the ability to give me such a flexible schedule! It gives me the opportunity to be able to do the things I need to do to keep my sanity in my crazy busy lifestyle!

7. Lazy Days

Nannies, as people go, are generally not lazy people, but like all people we get our fair share of lazy days. Luckily our lazy days aren’t spent sitting behind a desk zoning out or doodling during a meeting; it’s cuddling up on the couch with all the kiddos reading a story, or watching your favorite Disney movies on a rainy day.

Being a nanny isn’t always the easiest job, but is a job I wouldn’t trade for the world!