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Being Thankful For The Not-So-Good Stuff

It’s been kind of a rough week. I’ve been moved around a lot at work, haven’t had NEARLY enough time to clean my house, and to top it all off I had to spend $500 to get my car fixed. And it’s only Wednesday. It makes my head hurt, worries about finances, prompts me to pray it will all turn out OK. Everyone has times like this, and I know I am no exception. In fact, I am grateful for the struggles I go through no matter how trying because I will always come out on the other side a better and far more appreciative person.

Working several jobs has its difficulties. I work seven days a week with very little time off, I am often over booked, and I don’t have much room in my schedule for rescheduling. As a cast member at Disneyland, my scheduling team can call me in early and change my location, without really asking and without much notice. It’s a challenge when you’re on your way to work in one costume, and they call you, only to inform you that they want you to extend your shift and, oh ya we need you to wear a different costume as your in a new location. When this happens, at first I want to tell them no (even though it’s not really a suggestion) and hang up, but then I take a minute to think about the blessings. They chose me. They picked me because they trust that I can jump right in and know what to do on short notice. They also are giving me more hours! Lord knows I can use them right now! I am truly blessed to be able to provide childcare for my church on Sunday mornings as well. I just wish I didn’t have to work until two in the morning the night before to then wake up at six thirty the next morning. Little sleep is not beneficial in the life of a child care worker. On these mornings I thank God for coffee. I also thank Him for the little faces that make waking up that early so worth it.

As I am looking around my bedroom as I write this, I think WHY AM I BLOGGING WHEN I SHOULD BE CLEANING!?!?!?! This thought crosses my mind often. no matter what I do, There always seem to be dishes in the sink and loads of laundry piling up and an unswept floor. As a girl who really enjoys a clean home this drives me slightly crazy. But I remind my self that all the dishes in the sink, mean that I’m eating a home cooked meal every night. I am thankful for that because it’s a luxury, not everyone has. All the laundry I have piling up- rivaling Mt. Everest at this point- reminds me that I have so many things to wear and that I should seriously go through my closet and sort out all of the things I don’t need so I can donate them to those who do. I am lucky to live in the apartment complex that I do. It’s right next to where I work and there is a Target near by #bless, but I am so hard on myself about keeping our floors as clean as possible (i prefer to be barefooted). When I go days without sweeping or vacuuming I can hardly stand myself. At times like that, I thank my lucky stars my apartment is not too big and sweeping only takes 5-10 minutes tops.

My car. My poor old well-loved vehicle. This car was given to me when I learned to drive and has been with me ever since. 5 years we’ve been together, I even call him Simon.He brought me from Washington to California almost a year ago-needless to say we’ve been through it all together. His check engine light has always been on, and we had checked it out a few times but no one ever could conclude what was wrong with it, that is until recently. You see recently Simon won’t start. Simon will try to start but ultimately he fails, unless that is, it is one of the times he does decide to start- he’s quite unpredictable this way. I finally broke down and took him to a mechanic, who ended up telling me what I needed to hear. The alternator was bad. So $500 later the check engine light is off for the first time in years, and he starts every single time I want to go somewhere. I am so thankful that it was just an alternator problem! It could have been much worse, like needing a whole new car or a way more expensive fix. I am excited to drive around without the engine light turning on! I am thankful that I get to go to work and do other things I love in a safe reliable car!

It’s hard often times to find the beauty in the things that make our lives hard. It’s difficult to be thankful for things that cost us money, keep our lives busy, or messy houses but if you look close enough there is always a reason to be thankful. Take a moment to be thankful for your not so wonderful moments today and every day, because they make you appreciate the good days that much more!

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