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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I pride myself on being a really open person. I have very few secrets, mostly because once you get me talking I can’t stop! I enjoy being an open book, it helps me build relationships and connections with many people over many different subjects and issues that a lot of us face. So without further ado, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about me!

1.I love peanut butter and pickles

And, if you were wondering if i like them together, my answer is OF COURSE!!!

2. I love to dance

This one is new for me, my whole life people have told me how awful of a dancer I was, it wasn’t until I began ballet and my teacher told me I had real potential that I began to love it.

3. I hate the word Silly

This comes as a surprise to many people because its often a word used to describe me and there is the fact that I don’t really “hate” things.

4. I wanted to be a marine biologist

When I was a kid I had big dreams of being a marine biologist because I have always loved the ocean and all things in it! This was however before I realized that the job did not entail sailing the seven seas looking for mermaids all day.

5. I fall in love with just about everything I see

Even when things seem bleak, I try to find something I love about where ever I am, in whatever I am doing, and whoever I am with. And often, that thing I find becomes so beautiful in my mind that I cannot help but love it!

6. Dumb jokes are my favorite jokes!

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? He said wheres my tractor! this is my all time favorite joke and likely always will be!

7. I struggle with depression

I have struggled with depression for a really long portion of my life, and it went unnoticed my my family and friends for most of that time, because I tried to keep a smile on my face thinking that was what was expected from me at all times.

8. One day I will go to Australia

I love the idea of Australia! My mom used to visit there a bunch when I was a kid and always brought back so many cool souvenirs and amazing stories. One day I am going to go and make my own memories there.

9. I’ve been told I remind people of Princess Anna

It’s probably because I lack style and grace, trip over nothing, and stumble over my words when I get nervous. Or maybe my sister has ice powers that i don’t know about??? Hmm…… the world may never know.

10.I find history simply fascinating

I have always loved history because its like listening to a story being told about real life! I love learning about facts and dates and what happened 100 years ago on this exact spot! It may make me a major nerd but that is fine by me.

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